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Who I am and What I do


My name is Dev Dev - so nice they named me twice; a nickname that stuck.

I have been studying and practicing different healing modalities starting in 2018 after a deep shift in awareness around the inter-connectedness of everything that started in 2015 after the release of my of my beloved grandmothers’ soul that I could no longer ignore.

This led me to search for different types of healing and opened up many different doors to lots of wisdom to be received and learned to discover what worked and didn’t work for me, this involved both mainstream Western medicine and exploring non-traditional Eastern modalities like – Doctors; Chiropractors; Therapy; Astrology/Human Design/Gene Keys; Psychics; Reiki; Massage; Craniosacral; Acupuncture/Acupressure; Akashic Records; Ayurveda; Meditation; Yoga; Qigong; Sound Healing; Plant Medicine; Limpias; etc. – you get the idea.  If there was something out there that crossed my path, I was willing to give it a chance to get better.

Through trial and error of my own accord and the support that I had through my process I learned a lot.  About myself, healing, the journey, and what is required when you are truly committed to your well-being.

This growth is ongoing and as I remain in a state of grace and receiving, I will continue to be of service for the rest of my days.  I continue to enjoy learning about the deeper mysteries and mystical nature of the Universe and experiencing how that unfolds.

My main focus is to assist in helping souls reach for their highest evolution and remember the Divinity that exists within.

In any of my sessions the overall experience is to meet the client where they are at in the present moment and help them embody themselves to empower their ability to move forward.

The soul is a complex entity and has the potential to encompass everything, the approach requires many tools.  My healing sessions are heavily energetic based and contain an elemental mixture of biodynamic craniosacral; reiki; meridian treatment; chakra balancing, cord cutting and energetic extractions.

I work with a belief that involves a deeper level of surrender and trust to a higher intelligence that guides all of us through our journey and allowing that to come through during the session to allow deep healing and shifts to occur.

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